24 thoughts on “What it means to be Shadowbanned on Twitter

  1. Oh wow 😳 I didn’t think anything like that happened. Sorry to hear that, hope you are unbanned soon! And thank you for the warning I myself have been re tweeting the Blogger and Instagram links. I think I retweeted 3 this week but I’m gonna stop. :/ it sucks that they ban you though. I mean I get spamming can be annoying but some people are just looking for some accounts to follow and blogs to check out. I know that’s why I do it.

  2. Hello.. I’m new to twitter and I got shadowbanned for more than 1 weeks right now. 😅 When you’re getting shadowbanned can we do any retweet, reply or bookmark tweet? I want to tweet but I’m afraid making this shadowbanned last longer. 😣

    1. If it’s over a week you’ve probably done something they really didn’t like? What’s your twitter handle and I’ll have a look?

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