Camp NaNoWriMo – It’s upon us


For some it has already arrived! For others it is a mere few hours or half a day away!


No matter if you have planned to perfection or are pantsing it! There is a huge community of us out there to support you in many ways!

writeFirstly I’d like to tell you about Word of the Day and Quote Insertion. They are fun ways to spruce up your writing and add a little bit more to your camp experience!
They can be found on a forum called GaiaOnline, and I will provide the links for them below.

If you don’t use gaia and have no inclination to go there, that’s fine! I will be posting a daily blog with your quote and word of the day!

Word of the Day/WotD Challenge 

For those looking for an extra challenge or inspiration for April’s Camp NaNo this thread is for you. The goal is to use each word of the day from the Merriam Webster’s website somewhere in your NaNo novel for the month of April.

It’s an excellent way to grow your vocabulary and wordcount, but sometimes M-W throws a word at you that makes zero sense to have in your novel. So accept this challenge at your own risk to novel integrity. You will grapple with words you have never heard before, fighting them until they obediently find their place. Or you will find words that inspire new ideas or plot point you may have never imagined!

Either way M-W never disappoints!

Quote-Insertion Challenge!

For those of you who want a little more spunk for you word count, the infamous 50k, this is the task for you. The goal? Add a daily quote, provided by me, into your novel somewhere!

Sometimes the quote might be wacky and have no place in anything, but the quote might also be serious and have just the right place…or vice versa. The task is to put it right where it belongs through force or cooperation.

I hope that you will give these challenges a go! They are definitely a ton of fun!

There are of course the traditional sources of camaraderie for Camp NaNo, like your Cabin, and the NaNoWriMo forum where you can find companions to share in your successes and help pick you up when you’re flagging.


@NaNoWriMo is the official twitter feed and is great to follow to hear the latest NaNo news!

@ScrivenerApp is also a great feed to look at, especially if you are using this program, as they hand out tips etc! Also, if you didn’t know, there’s a free trail for Camp NaNo found here! You should check it out!


There are also many hashtags out there you should check out to see what everyone is saying! Below are a couple you should check out to get started!


Crack out the coffee, dust off those keyboards and get ready my fellow campers! Good luck to you all, and I would love to hear your progress!


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