Review Policy

Review Policy

I accept both physical books and eBooks to review, though physical copies are preferred. I also listen to audiobooks, but review them less often as it takes me longer to listen than to read. I aim to respond to all requests and thank you in advance for wanting me to read your book! Though I can’t guarantee that I can read/review all the books I’m requested to. If I am interested I will respond and we can discuss how to go forward.

I’m open to doing author interviews and participating in blog tours. However I preferably need a month’s notice for blog tours and I retain the right to not take part in the tour if I don’t like the book.

I won’t promote a book I don’t like. I will only give honest reviews, though I won’t be negative as I don’t like to do that, I’ll always pick out the good parts of the book where I can.

I predominantly read Young Adult (YA), and my favourite genres are Sci-fi and Fantasy, but that’s not all I read. I also enjoy YA Horror and Contemporary as well as Adult Fantasy and Science Fiction. If your book doesn’t quite fit in here, please feel free to email me and if it looks like something I’m interested in I’ll consider reviewing it. I aim to have my reviews up within a month of the book’s release or a month of receiving it.

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This policy is subject to change.