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Bookish Gift Guide

Hey everyone, how’s December going? Have you got all of your Christmas gifts? I’m not actually doing too many this year as I had a surprise trip to New York which I hadn’t saved for ^_^;;

Now a bit about gift guides in general. I really dislike ‘gift guides for him’ and ‘gift guides for her’. They’re the worst. Girl ones are all pink and boys just get a load of gadgetry. Can we really be put into these neat little holes? No. We can’t.

So here’s my gift guide for everyone, with a focus on bookish gifts as that’s what I’m about.


Bookish Gift Guide under £10

1. Book Sleeves

Book Sleeve
Christmas Jumper Bookzleeve by MyBookZleeves

Book Sleeves are the best gift for any bookworm! Have you ever put a book in your bag, only to have it get dogeared and dirty? I got my first one from Fairy Loot recently and honestly it’s changed my life!

2. Bookish Candles

Bookish Candles
Marauders by MidnightFlameCo

Candles are amazing. Books are amazing. Bookish Candles are definitely pretty amazing! There are so many out there and I haven’t personally tried this vendor but they look pretty amazing. Once you’ve used the candle you can keep the jar and they’re still so pretty!

3. Bookish Mugs

Bookish Mugs
Book Lovers Mug by missbohemia

You can’t read without a hot drink, right? For me it’s tea, for a lot it’s coffee. Bookish mugs are just perfect! You can use them at home or even at work, to show your bookish pride!

4. Bookish Totes

Bookish Tote bag
Doctor Who bag by SookiesShack

What do bookish people do? Buy books. What do they carry those books in? Tote bags! There are so many amazing bookish totes out there, you can display your fandoms with pride!

5. Bookish Patches

I Like Big Books Embroidered Iron on Patch
I Like Big Books Embroidered Iron on Patch by LiteraryEmporium

I discovered these whilst researching for this post and how cute is this?! You can put patches on your totes, your clothes, your bags… the options or endless!


Mockingjay – Magnetic bookmark by byEpikPage

Every bookworm needs all of the bookmarks! These are so cute, they’re handy and great for bookstagram too!

7. Bookish Jewellery

Bookish Jewellery
Literary gift Book jewellery Choker by WorldOfDream

There are so many bookish jewellery options out there, are you even really a bookworm if you don’t adorn yourself in bookish jewellery?

8. Bookish Ornaments

Bookish Ornament
A Christmas Carol – Vintage Novel Ornament by noveladornment

This is so cute! You could even make this yourself as a gift for someone. Adorn your trees with your bookish loves!

9. Bookish Decals

Bookish Decal
Book Decal by BookishStuff

Let the whole world know you’re a bookworm! I want this for myself… serious will power is needed not to buy all this stuff!

10. Bookish Hair Accessories

Ravenclaw Hair Clips
Ravenclaw inspired hair clips by BooksBreatheMagic

RAVENCLAW. HAIR CLIPS. Breathe. These are so cute! They’re perfect, and they’re my Harry Potter house too! They have tones of other options on here too.


I hope you enjoy this gift guide, please remember these are meant to be ideas for gifts, not presents for yourself… haha. Did you like these? Let me know your thoughts below.


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  1. Bookish Mugs and Candles is something I really want this christmas but I have a feeling that yet another year will go by without those goodies under the tree

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