Blogtober Post Ideas – Book Blogger Edition!

Blogtober 31 Post Ideas

Blogtober Post Ideas for Book Bloggers

It’s that time again! Autumn has fully starting, bringing with it jumper weather, Autumn leaves, cosy fires and just the start to the best time of the year.

It also brings with it the fun blog challenge of Blogtober, or #bookblogtober!

What is Blogtober

If you’re a blogger or active on Twitter, you may have heard of Blogtober. The basic idea is that you post a blog post every day in October. It can seem rather daunting at first, the idea of posting 31 posts in one month, especially if, like me, you only usually post a few times a month at best. However, it is possible! All you need is a little planning.

Plan and Schedule your posts!

It’s possible to do Blogtober without scheduling but it’s much harder to do it without planning. If you’re sitting there in front of your computer each day, it can become really daunting and you’ll probably be tempted to just give up before you even really get started. That’s why I’ve come up with some post ideas for Blogtober that you can use! They are mainly related to books, but they can be altered for any type of blog. I often find these lists prompt ideas, which is how I came up with my Nice or Naughty Blogmas challenge last year.

Now, I actually have different content to what’s below planned, but here are some fun Autumnal themed post ideas for you. You don’t have to have it themed of course, I actually have some of my usual posts scheduled during October, supplemented with Autumnal posts.

So, without any further ado:

31 Post Ideas for Blogtober/ #bookblogtober


Blogtober Post Ideas

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  1. October TBR
  2. October releases
  3. Favourite autumnal reads
  4. Cosy places to read
  5. Best reading clothes
  6. Autumnal drinks for reading with
  7. Autumnal Bookshelf decoration ideas
  8. Creepy reads
  9. Autumn blogging essentials
  10. Tips to get out of a reading slump
  11. Why Autumn is the best/worst time for readers
  12. Your autumn aesthetic
  13. Bookish pumpkin carving ideas
  14. Treats to read with
  15. Favourite Autumnal Book Covers
  16. Favourite ghost stories
  17. Horror Films
  18. Autumnal props for Instagram/bookstagram
  19. Favourite autumnal candles
  20. 10 reasons you love/hate autumn
  21. Book review roundup
  22. Books you wish youโ€™d read
  23. Books you wish youโ€™d never read
  24. End of Summer Motivation tips
  25. Cosy books
  26. Orange books
  27. Creepy Book Covers
  28. Witchy reads
  29. Spells you wish you could cast
  30. Your Fears
  31. October Wrap Up


Jenniely Book Blogger

There you go! If you have any more ideas, share them down below. Will you be joining me in Blogtober?

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Blogtober Post Ideas

33 thoughts on “Blogtober Post Ideas – Book Blogger Edition!

  1. This is awesome! I hadn’t heard of blogtober before you’d posted about it on twitter, and although I might not try it on this blog, I think I may give it a go on! The ideas are all fabulous!

  2. Some of these are giving me ideas! I’m not taking part in Blogtober, but I’m tempted to steal these ideas – with full credit given, of course – for my November posts!

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