NaNoWriMo Plot Inspiration – Word of the Day Challenge 23

NaNoWriMo word challenge
One week to go. How are you feeling? Not long left to go now so keep going. My writing has stalled but it’s okay, I’m writing in other ways and I’m enjoying sharing these blogs with you every day!
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Now is probably about the time where you’ve used most of your creative juices. Don’t worry, I have an awesome resource I just HAVE to share with you!

Chaotic Shiny

Chaotic Shiny is a generator site aimed at people who write, game, or live in fantasy worlds of their own creation. Grappling with writer’s block? Need a character on the fly? Party just walked into a tavern and you want it to be a little more exciting than normal? Want to flesh out a setting with some detailed religions? Chaotic Shiny is the site for you. 

It’s amazing. There are so many things you can do with this site from generators to prompts. That’s all I really have to say about this so now go and check it out!



Word of the Day : November 23, 2017


noun VYE-und


1 : an item of food; especially : a choice or tasty dish

2 : (pluralprovisionsfood

Did You Know?

Are you someone who eats to live, or someone who lives to eat? Either way, you’ll find that the etymology of viand reflects the close link between food and life. Viand was borrowed into English in the 15th century from the Anglo-French viaunde or viande (viande, meaning “meat,” is still found in modern French usage). The Anglo-French viaunde derives ultimately from the Medieval Latin vivanda (“food”), an alteration of vivendus, a participial form of the verb vivere, meaning “to live.” Vivere is the ancestor of a number of other lively and life-giving words in English, including victualrevivesurviveconvivial, and vivacious.


“The family sat down to table, and a frugal meal of cold viands was deposited before them.” — Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d’Urbervilles, 1891

“No fewer than three restaurants are planned for the new hotel, including one at ground level, and two others on the top two floors of the building, providing city vistas along with the viands.” — Lewis Lazare, The Chicago Business Journal, 13 May 2016



I hope you found the word of the day interesting and maybe manage to use it in your novel. If you need a support group let me know, or tell me about your existing ones 😁

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