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SPOILER ALERT: I will be talking about The Walking Dead TV show!

The Walking Dead is a show that I love and also falls under my obsession with viruses and infections, which I will talk about in my next post.
However, this weeks episode I feel was just inadequate. I feel I need to emphasise how much I love this show, so much so that I even stuck with it through story lines which I found repetitive and sometimes boring, such as the  relentless Governor storyline, which finally finished, only for him to return again (and subsequently finally get killed YEY).

The episode I am talking about is titled ‘After‘, Season 4 Episode 9. Granted, I was extremely happy that the governor died at the end of episode 8, and the shock and horror and death throughout the episode meant that I was enraptured and loved the episode.


Seeing Judith’s empty car seat covered in blood was horrendous, yet personally I don’t believe that she was actually killed, as I don’t think that even the makers of the Walking Dead would go that far….
However, seeing that and believing her dead, as Rick and Carl did, is understandably grounds to cause unimaginable  pain and suffering for Rick and Carl.
Yet some how I just don’t buy the tension between them in After. Carl is full of angst and appears to blame his father, who seems near his death bed. I just don’t think that’s how they’d react to the thought of losing Judith. With nary a mention of it, they continue on trying to find somewhere to hide out.

Then the whole, Oh My God Rick is dead! ploy they tried was so transparent, but was still entertaining in a I know what you’re trying to do kind of way. I was watching it with my other half, who insisted that he was dead immediately, to which I rolled my eyes. Honestly, you can’t just kill off one of the main characters without making the audience really engage with the death.
I was 100% certain he was not dead when he started groaning and groping for Carl in a walker type manner. It was just too obvious a plot twist, and being a writer myself I spotted it a mile away. The first bit of honest emotion that I felt Carl offered, was him not being able to shoot his dad.

Hershel's Head

The other half of the episode, dedicated to Michonne, was on the whole, dull. Other than the few tidbits, such as her coming across Hershel’s reanimated decapitated head, or the offering up of her past self, her walking around for ever and killing some zombies just didn’t do anything to engage me in her half of the episode. This may seem narrow minded and I’m sure many of you will disagree, but I felt like a zombie watching her!

That being said, I still appreciated what we learned about her. I guess it can be considered surprising the kind of life she had before, and the fact she had a child, but to me it just made all the pieces that are Michonne fall into place. I can now understand what her drive and motivation is.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, I just felt I needed to get it out whilst it was still fresh, and I’m sorry if I came across obnoxious! I was overwhelmed by the response I received for my first blog post, and I know it was only a couple of likes/comments but I hardly expected anyone to read it let alone like or comment on it, so for that, thanks!
Rick Walking Dead

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