NaNoWriMo 2017 Writing Beverages – Word of the Day 15

NaNoWriMo word challenge

Hello you lovely lot, how are you doing? I am so tired today and I spent the night preparing for my TBTBSanta so didn’t write anything (again). Can someone shout at me if I’m not writing by the weekend please? Today I bring you your word and something which is hugely important to writing – your writing beverage!

It’s funny that today’s word is proximity because my proximity to my word goal is pretty negligible XD




Writing Beverages

So we all know as writers and readers that a good beverage is a must for any sort of writing or reading activity! Now, don’t @ me but… despite my love for Gilmore Girls and my desire to emulate them… I’m not a huge coffee fan.

Don’t get me wrong, I like coffee, but I like it with lots of milk and sugar, which isn’t conducive to the fact that I don’t take sugar (because of weight issues) and I also don’t tend to drink dairy. Little known fact is that coffee curdles when used with almond milk which causes me NO ENDS of upset because that’s what I drink. So if I want coffee I have to have normal milk which isn’t good for me.

I used to actually work as a barista in Starbucks and drank ALL THE COFFEE then, so that may be why I’m not as hugely into it now. So instead I bring you my recommendations on TEA.


My go to tea is Lady Grey by Twinings. ‘What is Lady Grey’ I hear you ask? It’s: A fragrant, bright and light black tea scented with bergamot, orange and lemon citrus flavours.

Lady Grey Tea
Not my image

I love it. I don’t drink ‘normal’ tea anymore unless I’m at someone’s house or out and they don’t sell it. Honestly it’s the best and tastes delicious with almond milk! It’s not a loose leaf tea, I get the Twinings version as shown below.

I love Lady Grey because it gives me enough caffeine to keep going, whilst not being quite as strong as coffee.

Okay and now to the crux of it, my favourite tea of all time, Bluebird Tea co!

*I haven’t been asked to endorse this company or sent any free products, I just LOVE THEM SO MUCH.

Bluebird Tea co

Bluebird Tea Relax 

I came across them when I lived in Brighton and they’ve gotten SO MUCH BIGGER since. They do a HUGE range of loose leaf teas, ones that are in tea bags, matcha… and it tastes, looks and smells delicious! The middle image is Blue Raspberry in a cold brew bottle, look how beautiful it is! What can be better than drinking a bright purple tea? Sorry for the sub par images, I didn’t plan this post so had to make do with what I had hah!

I love their tea for a number of reasons, and one of which is options. There are fruity, oolong, green, black and white teas (and probably more!)

Want something to keep you awake? They have it. To help you sleep? They have it. Honestly, check them out.

What’s your preferred writing/reading beverage? Let me know in the comments below!

Word of the Day : November 15, 2017


noun prahk-SIM-uh-tee

: the quality or state of being proximate : closeness

Did You Know?

The history of proximity hinges on the idea of closeness, both physical and metaphorical. English speakers borrowed the word from Middle French, which in turn acquired it from Latin proximitat-proximitas, forms of the adjective proximus, meaning “nearest” or “next.” A number of other languages, including Catalan, Portuguese, and Italian, derived similar words from Latin proximus. Other descendants of proximus in English include proximalproximate, and the somewhat more rare approximal (meaning “contiguous”).

“[T]he company’s main advantages as an exporter include proximity to the U.S. market, quality of production and its ability to alter production to suit the needs and design tastes of U.S. consumers.” — Thomas Russell, Furniture Today, 4 Oct. 2017

“Common interests, shared experiences and momentum are the things that bind superficial relationships…, but remove the natural closeness that proximity creates and you find that having once shared a few high school classes is not enough to sustain a lifelong relationship.” — Jonathan Look, Forbes, 24 Sept. 2017





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