NaNoWriMo 2017 Word of the Day Challenge 17

NaNoWriMo word challenge

Hey everyone, how’s NaNoWriMo going? Sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I was in the middle of migrating my site so couldn’t post (but now I’m self hosted so that’s fun yey!) Yesterday’s word was a good one too, lollygag!

I’m so far behind on my NaNoWriMo WIP it’s not even funny. I’ll keep doing these posts as motivation and keep trying but not 100% that I’ll reach my goal.

Writing is hard

If you’re looking for some writing tips and haven’t read my earlier posts, then check out my Inspiration post .

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet as it’s late and I’ve only just got the site up and running and I’m still trying to fix some things (like get my stats transferred over) so I have to get back to that. So without further ado, here’s the word of the day!




Word of the Day : November 17, 2017


noun JAL-uh-see


1 : a blind with adjustable horizontal slats for admitting light and air while excluding direct sun and rain

2 : a window made of adjustable glass louvers that control ventilation

Did You Know?

Etymologists are clear on the source of the word jalousie—it’s French for “jealousy”—but the relationship between the emotion and the window treatments originally referred to as jalousies is not something they’ve speculated much about. Is it that those peering out through the original jalousie blinds were jealous of the people outside? Or is it more likely that the jealousy festered in the hearts of those outside, who could see the blinds but not the faces and lives of the people they hid? This excerpt from the October 23, 1766 entry in the Duchess of Northumberland’s diary perhaps provides a clue: “Rows of Seats with Jalousies in Front that [the women] may not be seen.”


The rooms of the little bungalow were protected from the brutal tropical heat by wooden jalousies.

“All the old jalousies have been replaced with new windows framed in mahogany, but many interior doors and much of the original hardware have been retained.” — Christine Davis, The Palm Beach Daily News, 14 July 2011


How’s NaNoWriMo going for you? Let me know in the comments, I want to hear about your projects!


5 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 Word of the Day Challenge 17

    1. Okay that makes me feel a tad better haha it’s not just me!
      Me too! Out of curiosity, do you get the option to like my posts?

  1. I am LOVING the word of the day today. It’s so fun to say too!! Hopefully your site will be transferred over soon. Plus write what you can when you can. Just try and get down at least one word a day. Even if you don’t meet the set target, don’t panic. Your WIP will STILL be there and you’ll still be able to work on it. It’s always fun to try and meet a target within a set deadline, but it’s not going to be the end of the world if you don’t smash it. Write. Write as much as you can BUT take time for YOU. YOU are important too and it’s important that you look after you xx

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