NaNoWriMo 2017 The Flip Side – Word of the Day Challenge 11

NaNoWriMo word challenge

Happy weekend everyone,  how are we all doing?

Tell me honestly, are you still enjoying these posts? Or should I just shut up haha.

I haven’t written in two days, oh no! Anyone else behind? Or is it just me. We can do this, it’s not over yet and we have time to catch up!


The flip side of NaNoWriMo

I’m always very positive about Nano, and I do believe it is a great thing to do, but there are some drawbacks. Yes you end the month with 50k words written, but to get there you’re advised to ignore your inner editor. This makes sense. If you don’t then you spend more time editing than writing new words.

A lot of people also spend October preparing for Nano, but if you’re like me and you’re pantsing, you didn’t plan before hand, which can quickly become very problematic.

My story is coming to me as I go, things keep changing and I’m having to not edit and just make notes. I’ve also found myself writing just for the sake of the word count rather than for substance. Which is why I’ve taken a couple of days off to breathe and think. What’s the point of hitting 50k if it’s 50k words of someone taking a shower in granular detail, just to reach a word goal?

What do you guys think, do you struggle with this too? Would love to hear your thoughts.


Word of the Day : November 11, 2017


adjective DOW-tee


: marked by fearless resolution : valiant

Did You Know?

Doughty is a persevering English word. In Old English, it shows up as dohtig, which was probably an alteration of dyhtig that resulted from the influence of the Old English dohte, meaning “had worth.” By the 13th century, the spelling doughty had begun to appear. The expected pronunciation would be \DAW-tee\, paralleling other similarly spelled old words like bought and sought. But over the centuries, the spelling was sometimes confused with that of the now-obsolete word doubty, meaning “full of doubt,” and thus, so it is conjectured, we have the pronunciation we use today.


Noticing that the cashier shorted him a nickel, the doughty child marched up to the counter and demanded it from her.

“The early lighthouse keepers were a doughty lot, and had to be, insofar as their job wasn’t merely to light the wick, but save the occasional ship that foundered….” — Verne Gay, Newsday, 26 May 2010



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3 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 The Flip Side – Word of the Day Challenge 11

  1. I resonate so much with this post. With almost all your NaNo posts tbh. I’m actually writing a little bit? But it hit me last night when I was supposed to be sleeping that the plot of my story is very politically charged and it’s more character development than actual action. So once this first draft is (finally) done, whenever that may be, I may sit down and pull it apart and add in dragons. LMAO.

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