NaNoWriMo 2017 #StoryCrafter – Word of the Day Challenge 21

NaNoWriMo word challenge

How’s the writing going guys? Feeling motivated?

Today I’m bringing you the wonder and joy that is #StoryCrafter. It’s a Twitter chat held on Sundays 8pm GMT. So why am I telling you about this?



I’ve already spoken about getting social and finding writing support with NaNoWriMo, and this is an extension of that.

#StoryCrafter is a chat hosted by Faye Kirwin every week and it’s honestly a must for writers. There are always writing related topics where we all answer questions, sometimes about our WIP, sometimes about writing in general. In November it tends to be about NaNoWriMo. We also do roleplaying. where you answer questions as if you’re the character. It’s not only fun but it’s informative. You get to know your characters in a way you wouldn’t ordinarily experience. If I haven’t sold it to you yet, then come and join us on Sunday!

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Word of the Day : November 21, 2017


adjective WIF-tee


: eccentrically silly, giddy, or inane : ditzy

Did You Know?

Wifty is a synonym of ditzy. And, like ditzy, its origins remain unknown. The earliest print evidence of wifty goes back to the early 20th century, though the word was certainly being used in spoken English before that. Ditzy stumbled into American slang decades later—we are able to trace it back to the 1970s. But dizzy, which in its Old English origins meant “foolish” or “stupid,” has been used in a sense similar to ditzy or wifty since the 16th century.


“Developers are, by nature, dreamers and gamblers, seeing opportunity and growth where others see only the Steak & Bagel Train. Many developers appear a tad wifty, perhaps existing in some altered state of consciousness, but this project is in a class by itself.” — Karen Heller, The Philadelphia Inquirer, 28 Oct. 2012

“… he paints a tender and sensitive portrait of a modern-day Don Quixote trapped in his own grand, wifty delusions.” — Laura Bennett, The Boston Globe, 2 July 2009





I hope you found the word of the day interesting and maybe manage to use it in your novel. If you need a support group let me know, or tell me about your existing ones 😁

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