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How I celebrate Christmas

Hello everyone, as it’s Blogmas, I thought I’d talk about how I celebrate Christmas.

So Christmas is an odd one for me. I don’t really have any Christmas traditions or ever really celebrated Christmas in any particular way. Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas SO much. I love the festivities, I love the wintry air, the lights, the friends and family times.

Nearly every Christmas throughout my life I’ve spent in Tenerife. We have timeshare there and tend to spend Christmas and New Year in the sun. I have what I call my Christmas family, people who also spend Christmas and New Year in the same hotel as I do every year. I grew up with these people,  whilst things changed every year, they were constant. We don’t see each other much anymore but they mean the world to me. I had my first kiss in Tenerife at Christmas, my first boyfriend, who I still know now.

We didn’t have a traditional Christmas dinner when we were there, my Christmas dinners were always at school whilst I was a teenager. When I was in uni, as a group of friends we’d have our own early Christmas meal and I made the turkey two years running and it actually tasted good!

Ten years ago my mum had a heart attack in the summer which meant we couldn’t travel at Christmas. She was fine but couldn’t get travel insurance. We actually had a Christmas dinner, which I was SO hungover for… oops!

The last few years I haven’t been able to go to Tenerife with my parents for Christmas because of work. One year I spent with my sister and my boyfriend at the time. It was interesting, I got to see what a traditional family Christmas was and whilst I liked it, I like the flexibility of my Christmas.

The last two years I’ve spent with my Niece and her family at her grandparent’s. It’s been lovely, and I’m sad this year I won’t be going, but this year I’m going to New York!

I’m going with my boyfriend and his family and I cannot wait. Whilst I’m sad I’m not spending it with my parents, I cannot wait for this amazing experience. It’s been my dream to go to New York, and at Christmas!

I think I want to have traditions when I have kids of my own, but I like the flexibility. I like that I can do something new and special without feeling like I’m missing out.

Do you have any Christmas traditions? What are they, I’d love to hear them!

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  1. I loved hearing about your Christmases!! I never do anything memorable on Christmas besides opening presents with my family – which is always so much fun, even if we don’t have much money that year we still always end up making it work 🙂 – but this year i think i’m going to new york too!

      1. We always hold it off until Christmas morning haha. It’s soooo hard but so worth it. I’ve never been so it’s so exciting!! I don’t think it’ll be NYC but another city in NY but still exciting nonetheless

          1. I’m actually from Texas (though I’ll be moving more east in about a week). My dad’s been working in NY for his job and he doesn’t want to have to fly back so we’re flying to Albany to see him for Christmas instead

  2. I have a very flexible Christmas too. The only constant thing that my family does is after we open all of our presents, my dad cooks up a large breakfast. Then we sit in the living room and watch a Christmas movie as we eat.

  3. We do very little at Christmas, but we do have a couple of very small traditions e.g. me and my mum have started doing Christmas eve bags for each other this year 😊
    Can’t wait to see your photos from New York!

    1. Aww that’s sweet! What kind of things are you going to be putting in?
      I can’t decide whether to take my canon with me hah. I always find if I take too many cams I get stressed about taking pics and don’t enjoy the hol

  4. Oh my gosh. It’s blogmas already? o.O *is totally losing time* Haha! But I know how you feel. I have moved and been unable to travel so making traditions is very difficult. I still like the idea of building a gingerbread house or a puzzle for Christmas (like when I was a kid.) But sometimes holidays have to wait a few years. Hope you have a wonderful holiday this year!

    1. It is haha 🙈 I don’t think I’ve ever made a gingerbread house! Maybe that’ll be on the cards next year. Thank you! Have a great Christmas!

      1. WHAT?! NO GINGERBREAD HOUSE?! You’re totally missing out. You gotta do the house and then watch it crumble when you come back later because you didn’t use enough frosting. 😀 Oh! And it’s not really meant for eating. :/ It dries out and hardens really fast.

  5. What a great post! I have to admit that I had to look up Tenerife, and my goodness it seems like such a great place to hang out any time of the year! I’ve visited New York and it was fascinating, so I can’t wait to hear all about your trip once you return. your Christmas pictures are very festive and fun! Hugs…RO

    1. Thank you! Some parts of Tenerife are amazing! It’s quite touristy but it’s hot haha. I can’t wait for NY. I’m going to compile a list of things I wanna do there soon!

  6. Wow, that’s so much travelling! I couldn’t imagine being anywhere but home for Christmas, but I guess you wouldn’t want to stay at home every year haha! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas in New York – I would love to visit there at Christmas time! I went a few years ago during the summer, and it was so fascinating!

    1. Yeah I’m used to it now ☺️ I like the variety!
      Thank you I hope I do too! I’m really looking forward to it

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