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What Twitter Thinks About

On the fourth day of Blogmas I bring to you… your thoughts on me!

I saw this post and was really interested to see what everyone’s answers would be. It’s funny, it doesn’t matter how many followers you have, it often feels like no one is really reading what you say. So I really didn’t think that many people would have any idea how to vote for these answers. I was pleasantly surprised.

Am I Gay or Straight

I found this was an odd question, as it’s not that easily answered. However I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t tell you how happy it made me that my followers pretty much tied on my sexuality. For one – it doesn’t define me. Secondly, homosexuality has been around me my entire life. I’ve always been an ally, even before I knew what that was.

Am I Artsy of Athletic

Shout out to the 3% who thought that I was athletic, give me a minute whilst I laugh my ass off.

Am I Popular or Not

I mean, I wasn’t sure I even wanted to do this one. What is popular? Popular with who? But I was again pleasantly surprised. I can’t believe anyone thinks I’m popular so thank you for that!

Am I Interesting or Boring

Nothing much to add to this one. I don’t think I’m a boring person, and I’m glad you guys agree! I’m a bit cooky and weird and I love that, and I think that makes me more interesting than boring.

Am I Innocent or Party/smoke/drink a lot

I am far far far from innocent I tell you. But I also don’t party/smoke/drink a lot. It’s interesting to see what you think though guys!

Am I Sweet or Mean

Thank you guys. This one means the most to me. I’m so glad that you think I’m sweet and not mean. I’d hate to think that you guys thought I was mean.

Do I Read Books or Watch Movies

I mean – this one is a bit off hah. I obviously read books, I write about them all day long every day. But I also LOVE films. I watch movies all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. When I’m writing, when I’m reading, when I’m eating… I devour movies. My favourite movies are horror/sci-fi. I love virus narratives and I’m hopingย This Mortal Coilย will get made into a movie!

Am I Feminine or Masculine

I think this is an odd question to be honest, enough said.

Am I Freakayyyy or Vanilla

Haha this is just a silly question as well but it made me laugh. Thanks to all those who think I’m freaky – much rather be that than vanilla any day!

Do I Speak My Mind or Stay Quiet

I’m so glad that people don’t think I keep quiet on things. I pride myself on being honest where it is right to do so. I can’t stay quiet when my beliefs are being compromised or those I care about are being hurt.

I’m so glad that you took part, and I definitely think you should all give it a go too! It was fun to see what you all thought about me.


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  1. I completely missed these polls on your twitter! I love this idea though ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love how everyone said that you read books haha, I think they’d say the same for me

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