Stripes YA Showcase 2018 | Round Up

Stripes YA Showcase

I had a great time last week at the Stripes YA Showcase! It was the first publisher event I’ve been invited to and I thoroughly enjoyed it!


I met Beth before hand, who I’ve known on Twitter for about two years but never met, which was pretty awesome. Then at the event itself it was so exciting (and nerve wracking) to meet people from the book community! I got to chat to some cool people before the event started.

First they did did an awesome little 2017 highlight reel, and I saw a load of my faves on there with their tweets and stuff! I would share the video but it doesn’t seem to be up anywhere!

Unveiling Venus by Sophia Bennet

The first author we heard from was Sophia Bennet, telling us about her new novel, Unveiling Venus, which is coming in Feb! We even got to hear a small extract.

Stripes YA Showcase 2018 | Round UpUnveiling Venus by Sophia Bennett
Published by Stripes Publishing on February 2018
Pages: 400

Mary Adams continues her journey through Victorian society – now as the much-admired Persephone Lavelle. From lavish Venetian balls to luxurious Mayfair townhouses, she gets a glimpse into the most glamorous lives of the age. When she meets a mysterious Harlequin she has the chance to rise to the very top, but to do so she must betray someone close ...

It’s the sequel to Following Ophelia, which I definitely need to check out because it sounds AMAZING, even though it’s not my typical read! She talked us through her inspiration, drawn from her own trips to Venice, and she urged us to check out her Pinterest Board!

It seems to be a very topical read as it centers around a woman who is sick of being an objectified woman, so decides to strike it out on her own.

Girl Thursday – Joanna Nadin

Joanna couldn’t make it, and I was rubbish at writing notes on this one because I got distracted taking pictures of the BRAND NEW Cover! A YA Contemporary which will make you laugh! I couldn’t find it on Goodreads so couldn’t add it here. It comes out April 2018 so keep an eye out!

Girl Thursday

She, Myself and I by Emma Young

Okay so this book was more my speed, as it had sci-fi in it too! It’s about a girl who gets a brain transplant, she gets put into another girl’s body. Emma was so interesting discussing this psychological exploration of identity. There was a lot of scientific thought behind the story, such as how people would react to you now you’re in a new body, as faces and even body odour affect how you perceive someone. FASCINATING.

Stripes YA Showcase 2018 | Round UpShe, Myself, and I by Emma Young
Published by Harry N. Abrams on September 5th 2017
Pages: 336

Rosa’s got a whole new shot at life…in someone else’s body.

Rosa—an eighteen-year-old from London—is quadriplegic. Her doting (if a bit stifling) parents and charming older brother are her entire world. But Rosa yearns for more; so when a doctor from Boston chooses her to be a candidate for a risky experimental surgery, she and her family move to Massachusetts in search of a miracle.

Sylvia—a girl from a small town in New England—is brain-dead. Her parents have donated Sylvia’s body to Rosa’s cause. Rosa wakes up from surgery as the first successful brain transplant survivor—by all accounts, a medical anomaly. She should be ecstatic, but she can’t help wondering with increasing obsession who Sylvia was and what her life was like.

Rosa’s fascination with her new body and her desire to understand Sylvia prompt a road trip based on discovery and a surprising new romance. But will Rosa be able to solve the dilemma of her identity? Who is she, in another girl’s body?

How to write a love story by Katy Cannon

I can’t find this one anywhere online, so definitely feel like we got an exclusive here! This comes out in May, and this is the synopsis: Tilly Frost has grown up reading her grandmother’s bestselling romance novels – so when the one and only Beatrix Frost is taken ill, Tilly finishes writing her latest work. Then Tilly agrees to start the next book. But what is her gran hiding from her? And how can Tilly write a heart-pounding romance when she’s never been in love? Can she turn her school crush into something more? One thing Tilly should know is that the course of true love never did run smooth…
If you liked FANGIRL, you’ll love this!

We played Blind Date, and I volunteered (no idea why!) and I got to play Draco Malfoy! It was a ton of fun, see the tweet below to see a pic.

The Truth About Lies by Tracy Darnton

This is Tracy’s debut! Fun fact – I actually met Tracy in 2016 at the hotel I was staying at for YALC! She had just been selected to have her book in the INSERT CHRISTMAS ANTHOLOGY. She recognised me (no surprise) at the event, and yeah, small world!

Her novel is about a girl called Jess who remembers everything. It explores how we are outsourcing our memories relying too much on our phones – this really resonates with me so I can’t wait to read it!

Savage Island by Bryony Pearce

Stripes YA Showcase 2018 | Round UpSavage Island (Red Eye) by Bryony Pearce
Published by Stripes Publishing on April 5th 2018
Pages: 352

When reclusive millionaire Marcus Gold announces that he’s going to be staging an “Iron Teen” competition on his private island in the Outer Hebrides, teenagers Ben, Lizzie, Will, Grady and Carmen sign up – the prize is £1 million pounds … each. But when the competition begins, the group begin to regret their decision. Other teams are hunting their competitors and attacking them for body parts. Can the friends stick together under such extreme pressure to survive? When lives are at stake, you find out who you can really trust…

A Red Eye horror novel for teens, this gripping YA thriller story is full of fast-paced action.

Okay so I LOVED Bryony! She was great and I just loved her personality. One of her first lines was:

Writers brains are like computers with a thousand taps open all the time

Yes. This is me – and it is also literally my computer. Anyway I digress. She told us about how her writer brain turns everything into a potential plot, and shared a fun story about her kid drawing upstairs and a fun little story idea she had from it.

This sentiment is where she got the idea for Savage Island which she described as Lord of the flies meets love island meets the apprentice. Can’t wait to read it!

Six Qualities of Horror according to Bryony Pearce

  • Suspense
  • Subversion of expectations
  • Related to that is twists
  • Using real fears – like IT
    • using your own fears can make it even more scary
  • Gore
  • Emotional connection of characters
    • Teenagers feel everything strongly
    • Capacity for betrayal in a teenage relationship is huge

Apparently the removal of hope is what real horror gets you with. Chilling.


It was such a great event! The food was YUM, the people were LUSH and there were books! Which I now need to disappear to read! Thanks again for inviting me Stripes!

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  1. Thanks for the update Jenn. I’m so up for Unveiling Venus – though I *still* need to read FO – and I fancy How To Write A Love Story. I read a book called ‘Literally’ by Lucy Keating over Christmas, and it sounds similar. In Literally, the protagonist finds out that a YA author is writing her life. It is hilarious, and teaches so much about plot.

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