#SixforSunday – Colourful books with Recommendations


Happy Sunday! Today I came across #SixforSunday, which is made by Steph at A little but a lot.

This week the challenge is colourful books – ‘books with colours in the title’ and I just had to join in.

Six books with colours in the title

Red Queen1. Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I had to start with this one as I recently read it (and reviewed it here) and loved it! I find it fascinating that they have different coloured blood, I can’t help but picture mercury when I think of the silver blood though.


Red Sister2. Red Sister by Mark Lawrence

I listened to this on Audible earlier this year, it was before I had gotten back into reviewing though so I didn’t post a review on my blog. I didn’t quite get on with this book as much as I’d have liked to. The idea was great, just the execution I think.


Red Rising3. Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I haven’t read this yet and I have no idea why! I own a copy, so I think it’s definitely on my TBR as I keep hearing amazing things about it. Have you read it?



When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit4. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Judith Kerr

This book is amazing. I read it when I was a child and it really stuck with me. I don’t think I’d read anything of it’s calibre at that age so it was a real eye opener.



Black Prism5. The Black Prism by Brent Weeks

I haven’t read this yet but I adore Brent Weeks so I cannot wait to read it! Have you ever read any of his stuff? If not you really need to. The Night Angel Trilogy is to die for!



Blackwing6. Blackwing by Ed McDonald

This is a fairly recent release that I haven’t had a chance to read yet. I saw Ed at YALC where he gave a small talk about his book. I am definitely intrigued and I think I’ll be picking it up some point soon.



Thanks for an awesome prompt Steph! Have you read any of these? Join in with the #SixforSunday tag on Twitter.

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