NaNoWriMo 2017 Just do you – Word of the Day Challenge 13

NaNoWriMo word challenge


It’s the 13th day. How are we all feeling? I didn’t get as much written this weekend as I’d planned to but I’m okay with that, as I will discuss a little further down. Writing these posts every day is a challenge in itself, though as much as it is hard work I’m enjoying the challenge. I’m having to think of worthwhile things to say every day, and I think I’m just about managing it.

Today’s word is pretty awesome, and I definitely think I can fit it into my WIP!


Just do you

Okay so I spoke about the flip side of NaNoWriMo on Sat, and today I want to address this a little bit more. You always hear people talk about their writing processes and how you shouldn’t measure yourself against them, and this is ringing so true for me right now. I’ve always felt that if I ever was going to get a novel finished I need to complete Nano’s 50k before the months end, anything else is a failure. Now I’m thinking otherwise.

Last year I completed nano, early in fact, then I didn’t touch the story for an entire year. Why? Well one reason was I was finishing up my Master’s dissertation so I really didn’t have time to be working on my WIP too, but the other reason is related to the nature of nano in general. I powered through and wrote the words, not really thinking where it was going, and finished at 50k and just stopped. The story wasn’t over but I met my goal so I gave myself a break. The only thing is when I sat back and thought about it, I decided I needed to add depth to my story. I spent months thinking about things I could add and eventually stressed myself out so much because I didn’t even know where to begin in terms of putting all this stuff in.

Which is why this year, I may be slightly behind in terms of words, but I’m much farther ahead in terms substance. This weekend I didn’t do a load of sprints to get words, which I know I’m capable of as I can get about 900 words in 15 minutes if I try, I spent time reworking some plot I’d written earlier. I know you’re not meant to edit but I have to, for my own sanity. I can’t carry on with what’s to come if I haven’t completely written what’s already happened.

When I say edit, I don’t mean the grammar, spelling and making it polished, I mean just plot wise. 

So I’ve decided that even though I’d LOVE to hit 50k by the end of November, I’m not a failure if I don’t. I’m also hugely proud of myself for doing these posts every day, so if I reach the end of the month and I’ve blogged every day then that’s also an achievement.

EDIT- I forgot to add – the pressure of trying to meet the daily goals almost made me give up completely. So instead I’m going to do what I can do. Some words are better than none!

TL;DR – Just do you. Don’t stress yourself out if you’re not like others, everyone’s process is entirely different. Like Cait @PaperFury wrote her entire 50k this weekend (WHAT?!), and that’s her jam, but V E Schwab @veschwab spends much longer working on her WIP. She’s a slow writer, which she’s talked about a lot, but obviously her process works, as does Cait’s. (Incidentally go and follow them on Twitter they’re great to follow!)



Word of the Day : November 13, 2017


noun roo-AY


: a man devoted to a life of sensual pleasure : rake

Did You Know?

Roué originated as a French word and gained momentum when it began to be used in reference to the libertine companions of Philippe II, France’s regent from 1715-1723. Rouémeans “broken on the wheel” in French and ultimately derives from Latin rota, meaning “wheel.” Since the wheel being referred to was an instrument of punishment, the French were implying that such dissolute beings deserved this punishment. By the end of the 18th century, English-speakers added roué to its list of synonyms for a rake, libertinedebaucherlecher, etc.


“Hugh Grant, as a roué who seems to realize that his charm is a regrettably cheap commodity, enjoyed something of a comeback in Florence Foster Jenkins.” — Tom Gliatto, People, 17 Jan. 2017

“[Roger Moore’s] Bond was a roué, a bounder, a debonair playboy not remotely like a real spy and arguably all the better for it.” — Alex Bilmes, Esquire, 25 May 2017


Thanks for reading guys, I really appreciate the time you take to read my daily posts. Are you struggling with your WIP? Talk to me about it below.


8 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2017 Just do you – Word of the Day Challenge 13

  1. I’m all about just writing! There is no way I’m hitting 50k, but I managed to get the next three chapters plotted, breaking down the scenes at least, so I’m quite happy. I think I’ll manage to write a little bit everyday, which is good for me.

    I’m not editing as I write, but I’m taking down the thoughts I’ve been having plot-wise for when I go into my second draft because it’s been coming to me in drips and drabs. At least this way I’ll be motivated to finish this first draft and actually get to a second!

  2. Great post! I’ve found myself going back a few times this year to add things to my WIP, not really editing, but adding more plot to some of my pages. I’m feeling pretty good about my WIP even though I’m pretty sure I will need past November 30th to actually finish my book.

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