Killing Creativity

blogSo it turns out, that challenging yourself to post each day, even if it’s just a word and a quote of the day blog, can kill creativity.

I’ve been doing that all April as part of Camp NaNoWriMo, and then the next thing I knew, the month is nearly over and I haven’t posted a blog that was not related to it.

I have other reasons, I’ve been doing some filming and some editing (which I will link below) and writing a novel of course… but it still made me feel pretty sad.

So I am going to make sure that I get back on track as soon as this craziness dies down! I have plans for my next blog posts so all that I need now is time!
Here are some interviews I shot an edited. Please note that the background noise was beyond my control ^_^;;

If you are a camper reading this, good luck with your last two days! I have 2k to write so I better get cracking! See you on the flip side!

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