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A Shiver of Snow and Sky

Hello! Today I bring you my review of A Shiver of Snow and Sky. First I want to say, isn’t it a beautiful book? I’m so in love with this cover and I can only hope one day when I get published that I get a cover as beautiful as this. I was sent ARead more

Bookish Naughty List Tag | Blogmas

Bookish Naughty List

I saw the prompt ‘are you on the naughty list’ in a list of ideas to do for blogmas and it made me laugh, then I had a think and came up with this check list tag to see if you’re on the bookish naughty list this year! Rules Tag & link the person whoRead more

Not with a fizzle, but with a bang!

I’ve attempted to start a blog numerous times, and forever my quandary is: What do I write for my first post? I’ve googled “Good first blog post ideas”, finding varying excerpts advising me what different people deem integral to writing a blog, such as the theory that when writing a blog, I must have aRead more