Shortlisted for UKYABA Marvellous Blogger Award 2018


I’ve written and deleted this so many times because I just don’t have the words. I am eternally grateful to all of you. When nominations opened up in November I was so excited to nominate some of my favourite people for the categories, it didn’t even occur to me that I’d be nominated, let alone shortlisted!

UKYABA Marvellous Blogger Award


UKYA Blogger Awards

UKYA Blogger Awardsare about celebrating UKYA book bloggers and have been set up in recognition of the support, publicity and appreciation given to authors and publishers by the book-blogging community.’

Marvellous Blogger Award

This is about bloggers who makes you feel happy about being part of the book blogging community. Is it because they have great book recommendations? Or because they always send you that perfect gif on Twitter when you need it? How about because they cheer on authors? Or you? They send real/virtual care-packages? Something about this blogger makes UKYA book blogging a better place for you. It can be a tiny thing or a big thing but it matters!

I have you to thank for making this unbelievable dream, that I hadn’t even voiced because I truly thought it was an impossible dream, come true! When I saw my name on the longlist I nearly dropped my phone in shock that I was nominated for two awards, and to find I got shortlisted for Marvellous Blogger was just… *deep breath*

I don’t think I’m writing this very well. I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart – this is truly just such a bright moment and I just – I AM SO GRATEFUL.


There are a whole range of categories with amazing people in all of them, so please check them out here. I’d love to name them all but the truth is I have so many amazing friends in all the categories I just can’t single any of them out!

The fact I find my name amongst Zoe and Liv is just another huge WOW. I admire these girls so much and to be contending with them is just amazing.

Voting is open until January 31st, so if you’re a UK book blogger or Author, it would be amazing to show your support of the many amazing shortlistees by voting (yes, even if it’s not for me!)

Like I said I’m up for Marvellous Blogger against Zoe and Liv, so I also support you voting for either of those over me as they are simply amazing!

How to Vote

Request your Book Blogger Voting Form by emailing with the subject: UKYABA Shortlist Voting – Book Blogger Voting Form

Voting closes 31st of Jan – so please make sure you get your forms in before then!


Thank you again – I’m going to go off and cry and tell everyone I know even though they probably don’t know what book blogging is XD You guys are the best.

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