Writing Tips – What’s in a name?

  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare     When creating these fictional worlds of ours, there is something that permeates every aspect of the writing process, and that is name creation. Though it’s not just naming characters, oh no!Read more

Writing Tips – Who ARE they?

So you have your entire novel planned for camp NaNoWriMo, down to each inciting incident and plot climax. Nothing to do now but wait until April to write the thing, right? Not quite.  Character development is something that is hugely important when writing, something many writers overlook. I have a question for you: How wellRead more

Writing Tips – Taglines

What’s in a tagline? I’ve always hated writing them, and have only ever done so for university projects, where I never gave them much thought. So. I gave this some thought, I wrote numerous different taglines, and it made me realise things about my story I had not considered before. For example, my MC isRead more

The Walking Dead, We’ll Make You a Plate…

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing my own kind of review of AMC’s The Walking Dead each week, so I may as well continue. I’m talking about Season 4, Episode 15: Us. Spoiler Alert. This is the penultimate episode of the season, and after last week’s emotion heavy episode, I was kind of expectingRead more

Your creative retreat awaits…

It’s nearly April, which means it’s nearly time for Camp Nano! What is Camp Nano?! I hear you cry! Well it’s like NaNoWriMo – only it is it’s fun cousin that comes out in the spring and summer! http://campnanowrimo.org/ Well, what is NaNoWriMo for that matter? National Novel Writing Month that takes place every November.Read more

A little bit like Lizzie Borden? Walking Dead

So after watching AMC’s The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 14, I am in awe. Spoiler alert! In awe that they actually used a plotline so brutal! We’ve always known Lizzie was twisted, and that something bad was bound to happen as a result of her loving of the walkers, but I did not quiteRead more

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

When I saw the photo challenge was Selfie, this picture I took a long while ago sprang to the forefront of my mind. Check out the full size image to see it clearly. I managed to capture my reflection in the eye of a lovely horse named Storm.

A little something about The Walking Dead

SPOILER ALERT: I will be talking about The Walking Dead TV show! The Walking Dead is a show that I love and also falls under my obsession with viruses and infections, which I will talk about in my next post. However, this weeks episode I feel was just inadequate. I feel I need to emphasiseRead more

Through the Looking Glass

This is a photo I took on a set last year that I particularly like. The actor’s expression is also something that I particularly love about this, as it captures his personality perfectly. He is such a lovely man and a pleasure to work with. What constitutes as photography depends on who is defining itRead more

Not with a fizzle, but with a bang!

I’ve attempted to start a blog numerous times, and forever my quandary is: What do I write for my first post? I’ve googled “Good first blog post ideas”, finding varying excerpts advising me what different people deem integral to writing a blog, such as the theory that when writing a blog, I must have aRead more