New Years Resolutions Book Tag

New Years Resolutions Book Tag


I was tagged by the lovely Emma from Emma’s Chapter to do this tag,  and I’m so excited! Partly because I’ve struggled to write a post this year so far! (Jet lag really messed me up from my New York Trip)!


1. An Author You’d Like To Read That You’ve Never Read

Okay so I really really need to read V.E. Schwab. I know I know, how haven’t I read any of her stuff yet?! It’s madness. I love Victoria and I just haven’t gotten around to reading her work yet… so this year is the year

2. A Book You’d Like To Read

I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK AND I NEED IT NOW OKAY. I think it may even have come out by the time this post goes live! YAY.

3. A Classic You’d Like To Read

What qualifies as a classic? The only ones I can think of I don’t really want to read. I read a lot in school, and there are so many awesome books I’d prefer not to read a book that I’m that into if I’m honest.

4. A Book You’d Like To Re-Read

There are SO MANY books I want to re-read! It’s so hard to pick just one.

Okay so I LOVED this book and I really want to read it again so I can start the whole lot again!

5. A Book You’ve Had For Ages and Want To Read

I’ve had this on my shelf for a while, oops, and I REALLY need to read it. It’s a hardback which is why I’ve struggled to read it so far, I’m not 100% keen on HB. I’m going to be reading it soon though as a buddy read with Amy from Tomes with Tea!

6. A Big Book You’d Like To Read

I’m still making my way through this bad boy! It’s HUGE. I’m listening to it on audible and it’s taking FOREVER!

7. An Author You’ve Previously Read and Would Like To Read More Of

Robin Hobb and Terry Brooks! It’s one of my goals this year to read ALL OF THEIR BOOKS. Probably not an achievable goal if I’m honest…

8. A Book You Got For Christmas and Would Like To Read

I only got this book for Christmas and I cannot WAIT to read it! It was part of my TBTBSanta gift and I was so happy!

9. A Series You Want To Read From Start to Finish

I really want to read the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series! I read the first one YEARS ago and never got around to continuing it. I met Laini at YALC and got my copy signed so I really need to read it again!

10. A Series You Want To Finish That You’ve Already Started

I really need to finish this series! I loved the first one, the second one fell a little bit flat, BUT I am hopeful that I’ll enjoy the rest.

11. Do You Set Reading Goals? If So, How Many Books Do You Want To Read in 2018?

Last year I failed at hitting 50, so naturally I’m aiming for 60 this year!

12. Any Other Reading Goals?

Yes I’m doing the #Read365 challenge and I’m aiming to read every day this year!


That was a fun tag! I tag

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14 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions Book Tag

  1. Ahh good luck with your goals! Honestly I need to read Wintersong and Warcross too so you’re not alone there.😂 And I can’t decide if big books are the best via audio or the scariest?! Like at least you don’t have to hold 3989 million pages BUT so many hours!! My next audiobook read is going to be like 18 hours and I’m a little intimidated. (But I did Game of Thrones a few years ago and that was like 36 hours+ per book ahhh.)

    1. Ahhhh I haven’t been able to get my head around GoT so I commend you there!
      Oathbringer is 50hrs and I’ve had to leave it because I was coming to dread listening it! I’m not listening to a nice 6 hour one 😁 I normally like longer ones – they’re good when you have to commute a lot!
      Thanks for commenting 😍

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