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One Way review

Hey everyone! I’ve been struggling to write posts recently, but I’ve been reading SO MUCH so that’s good, yes? This isn’t a YA book, but it’s Science Fiction, so I couldn’t resist!

Advice: DON’T read the synopsis if you don’t want spoilers. I didn’t and I just looked now as I’m putting it here and omg it’s pointless to read the book if you read the synopsis? Anyway, read at your own discretion.

I received this on Netgalley for an honest review.




Book Review | One Way by S.J. MordenOne Way by S.J. Morden
Published by Gollancz on February 15th 2018
Genres: Science Fiction
Pages: 304

ONE WAY opens at the dawn of a new era – one in which we’re ready to colonise Mars. But the contract to build the first ever Martian base has been won by the lowest bidder, so they need to cut a lot of corners. The first thing to go is the automatic construction… the next thing they’ll have to deal with is the eight astronauts they’ll sent up to build it, when there aren’t supposed to be any at all.

Frank – father, architect, murderer – is recruited for the mission with the promise of a better life, along with seven of his most notorious fellow inmates. As his crew sets to work, the accidents mount up, and Frank begins to suspect they might not be accidents at all. As the list of suspects grows shorter, it’s up to Frank to uncover the terrible truth before it’s too late.





I was really enjoying this book for the most part. Frank is a criminal serving life in the near future. He’s been offered the choice to go to Mars and build the new colonies or to rot in prison. Easy choice? Hmm. I was dubious whether I’d like his character, after all he’s a criminal, but I did. I was constantly guessing and on the edge, wanting to know what the hell was going on because he, and the other ex-con/astronauts, aren’t told anything. What I didn’t enjoy was the ending, it felt SO unfinished and I’m not sure there’s a sequel? So I’m a bit gutted if I’m honest. It left me thinking about the book for nearly a full day after, wondering what was gonna happen next.






It’s all told from Frank’s POV (point of view) and I really enjoyed that, it really raised the stakes and upped the ante (I think these are the same thing but hey). Interspersed throughout are redacted file type things, diary entries, conversations and email trails from the company sending them to Mars. I’ll be honest – I got to the end of the book and still am not sure what some of them were referring to..

I think that was my main issue with this book. There was definitely not enough of an explanation at the end. Sigh.

It was fast paced for the most part and compelling.




The only character we get to know really well is Frank, and I think rather than developing he kind of regresses? He becomes harder and takes on the role of leader as he goes. I liked that each character was clearly differentiated, however I kept getting confused between Zero and Zeus. Two Zs just kept throwing me off hah.


Okay so I know this review isn’t exactly glowing, but I did enjoy it and it was a fast read. Have you heard of this? Let me know your thoughts!



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