Book Review & Giveaway: The Territory Escape by Sarah Govett

I was SO lucky to have been given a copy of this book early from the lovely Sarah Govett and Firefly Press! Good job too because I don’t know if I could have waited much longer for it! I LOVED it. It was just as amazing as the first but also SO SO different. What book am I talking about? Without further ado:

The Territory Escape 
The Territory: Escape
by Sarah Govett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The year is 2059.  Fifteen-year-old Noa Blake has passed the exam to stay in The Territory – but her childhood friend Jack has been shipped off to the disease-ridden Wetlands, a death sentence in all but name.

Noa and Raf have vowed to rescue him, but how? With an electric fence, gun towers and a police state monitoring their every move, getting into the Wetlands looks impossible, let alone getting home again.


It was different from the first, but in a good way! First of all the setting is different as Noa and Raf leave the Territory and try to survive in the wetlands. You can tell every part of this book is thought out, it’s not one of those wishywashy, everything is easy, stories. Oh no, they struggle. They have disease ridden mosquito swarms to contend with, lack of freshwater, food, security etc. HOW they deal with it is amazing. The detail Sarah goes into is perfect, I feel educated and entertained at the same time (I now know how to collect freshwater from condensation!)

It’s not just the elements and nature they’re up against, oh no my dear friends! We get introduced to some new characters, more heartache and struggles, both moral and physical. People who, when faced with adversity, don’t band together, they attack and take what’s not theirs.

You need to read this book. My only qualm is that the book is over too soon! I again cannot WAIT until the next one! Hurry up and write it Sarah 😉

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Please Note: I wasn’t given an early copy of this book for review, I did the review off my own back, my review is honest and unbiased.


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