Ariadnis/Anassa Blog Tour | Character Cards Guest Post by Josh Martin

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Ariadnis/Anassa Blog Tour | Character Cards Guest Post by Josh Martin

Hey everyone, how are we all? Guess what, it’s my birthday tomorrow!!

I am so thrilled to be part of the tour for Ariadnis and Anassa by Josh Martin, especially as Anassa comes out TODAY, the 8th of February!

The covers are SO beautiful, and I’ve started Ariadnis and I’m loving it so far. Ariadnis came out on February 9th 2017, my birthday, so definitely check that out!

Ariadnis/Anassa Blog Tour | Character Cards Guest Post by Josh MartinAriadnis by Josh Martin
Published by Hachette on February 9th 2017
Pages: 356

Back then I thought that if it weren't for that cliff, our cities would be one and there would be no need for all this fierceness toward each other. But then I learned about pride and tradition and prophecy, and those things are harder than rock.

Joomia and Aula are Chosen. They will never be normal. They can never be free.

On the last island on Erthe, Chosen Ones are destined to enter Ariadnis on the day they turn eighteen. There, they must undertake a mysterious and deadly challenge. For Joomia and Aula, this means competing against each other, to end the war that has seethed between their cities for nine generations.

As the day draws nearer, all thoughts are on the trial ahead. There's no space for friendship. No time for love. However much the girls might crave them.

But how you prepare for a task you know nothing certain about? Nothing, except that you must win, at whatever cost, or lose everything.


I wouldn’t read the synopsis if you don’t want to get spoiled for the first one, but here is the info for Anassa, it looks amazing!

Ariadnis/Anassa Blog Tour | Character Cards Guest Post by Josh MartinAnassa by Josh Martin
Published by Quercus Children's Books on February 8th 2018
Pages: 368

A compelling fantasy adventure with a strong feminist message, for fans of Melinda Salisbury and Victoria Aveyard.

Less than a year since their cities were joined, the people of Athenas and Metis are still arguing. When the island is invaded by Vulcan, whose resource-ravaged, overpopulated island wants to claim Chloris as its own, Etain's new leadership is compromised. The only way she can restore her people's confidence and save her island is to take up a sea quest to retrieve a magical item from a volcano. Alongside her brother Taurus, Etain sets sail for the volcano. But they soon discover there is more to the quest than they realised.

It's up to Etain to be the leader she is destined to be. Should she fight, or should she try to unite?


Josh Martin himself designed these character cards, they’re so pretty, don’t you think? I love seeing this insight into the characters. I’m so forgetful when it comes to the descriptions of characters in books, so I love this! Now I can see what they look like easily!


The champion of Athenas, Aula was born with skin as hard as buloke wood and the strength and fortitude of giant sequoia trees. Though fiercely loyal and recklessly brave, her somewhat obnoxious temperament can lead to difficulty making friends; but it’s often only covering her deep insecurity that her destiny – to somehow take the legendary Book of the Wise One for her people – is the only reason people are willing to put up with her.







The champion of Metis. After an accident when she was a young child, Joomia has been nervous of using her powers – the ability to regenerate dead wood and control the growth and demise of plants – worrying that she will never have enough control to use them safely around other people. Though endlessly encouraged by her best friend, Taurus, Joomia wonders if she’ll ever be able to truly compete with Aula for the Wise One’s book.







The daughter of Athenas’s most powerful prophet, Etain has trained as the King’s Scribe for most of her life and juggles a position in the court of Athenas with blacksmith work: making parts for the city’s steam machines that keep everything in working order. Though she and Aula have been best friends since they were small, Aula begins to notice that her friend might have much more to hide than she’d ever imagined.








Joomia’s best friend, Taurus doesn’t seem to know what he wants out of life besides casual relationships and drinking, so Joomia never suspects the secret he’s been hiding ever since the day they first met…








Have you read Ariadnis? My review will come soon! Follow so you don’t miss it <3 Thanks for reading!

Make sure you check out the rest of the tour below!

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