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Christmas Stress

It’s less than 10 days until Christmas. Many of you will be travelling home soon to spend time with loved ones.

How to deal with the holiday stress as a bookworm

Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year, right? Apparently not. According to a ton of research online, the period leading up to Christmas is the most stressful of the year.

Not all is lost! I’ve spent some time thinking to bring you some top tips about how you can overcome this stressful period and make it as fun as it’s meant to be. These ideas are FOOL PROOF I tell you. Follow my tips and you’ll have a stress free Christmas. Probably.


Gift Stress

Getting gifts for everyone can be super stressful. Deciding what to get, going out in the crowds to buy it (this is the worst bit for me!), wrapping it all and delivering it are all a nightmare in December. Now, the obvious solution is to buy your gifts early, I even bought some throughout the year to try and get ahead (hah that totally worked…) Failing that, I have the perfect solution.


That’s right, books! You’re a bookworm (or you’re likely to be if you’re reading my blog), your friends and family probably know you’re a bookworm, so why not play on that and buy them books?

Perfect. You get to support your favourite authors, share what you love and get gifts sorted for everyone! You can even order your books from places like the book depository and get free delivery, so you don’t even have to brave the shops!

Family Stress

We all love our family, right? Doesn’t mean spending time with them can’t be stressful. I have the perfect solution to relieve the stress when you become overwhelmed by all the family drama. Hide a book in the bathroom.

Your read me right, hide a book or Kindle in the bathroom, and whenever you need to escape, go to the loo and read a few pages.

Over Indulgence Stress

We all get a little bit carried away with food and drink over the Christmas period, which carries it’s own stresses. We put on weight, we suffer hangovers, we say or do stupid things when we drink too much.

Again, I have the answer for you… you guessed it! Put down the pie, and pick up the books!


Everytime you get tempted to buy alcohol or food, buy books instead! What can go wrong with this plan? Flawless.

Decorating Stress

Finding the perfect tree and decorations can also cause a lot of stress. Real trees shed, fake trees look tacky… the answer?


Make your tree out of books, you have plenty lay around and you probably already have fairly lights. Done!

Book Christmas Tree


What could possibly go wrong? I hope you all have a great Christmas holiday! Which of these are you going to do?

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