If you don’t know what Crone Bloggers are, we announced it recently and invited you all to join us, so please check that out. Now it’s time to announce the thing that’s taken months of preparation….

We’re launching the Crone Bloggers Book Club!

Crone Book Club


What the #CroneBookClub is

  • Every 6 weeks we will announce the book that we’re going to be reading for a month together!
  • We’ll announce the next month’s book 2 weeks before the start of the reading month
  • We’ll be chatting about the book as we read in the discord chat
  • At the end of the 4 weeks we will be holding a Twitter chat WITH THE AUTHOR where you can ask them questions and chat about the book.
  • The chat will be 9pm GMT on a Sunday.
  • The books range from Debut to established authors and we have a lot of new releases planned!
  • The books will be Young Adult

Other things to note about the book club:

  • You don’t have to participate in the month read a long to take part in the chat – and visa versa!
  • If you’re a #CroneBlogger you don’t HAVE to take part in the book club


The first book has been announced!