The Walking Dead, We’ll Make You a Plate…

I’ve gotten into the habit of doing my own kind of review of AMC’s The Walking Dead each week, so I may as well continue.
I’m talking about Season 4, Episode 15: Us.
Spoiler Alert.

This is the penultimate episode of the season, and after last week’s emotion heavy episode, I was kind of expecting more drama this week. Yet it was more of a, tie up loose ends, get everything ready for the finale, type of episode.

15 Game on train tracks

We finally see, very briefly, Rick, Michonne and Carl. Carl and Michonne have a seemingly irrelevant, yet jolly, game of who can walk the tracks for the longest. Carl wins, and they share the prize; a chocolate bar.
Whilst being nice and heartwarming, this sequence seems slightly out of place, like it had no purpose. However, it does – which I’m sure you picked up on and I will be mentioning down the line.

15AbrahamWe spend quite a bit of time with Glenn‘s group – he finally has confirmation that Maggie is alive, and runs off after her, with the reluctant Abraham just wanting to get Eugene to Washington.

Glenn runningI’m always in two minds with this group – I want them to go to Washington, I want to find out what Eugene knows about this virus and how to stop it. I love viruses and I’ll be so annoyed if Eugene gets killed in the finale, before we find out what he’s all about!

On the other hand, I obviously want Glenn to reunite with the rest of the group. So I really do hope that they’ll focus more on the virus next season, more so than them being killed and fighting other survivors
I was hoping Glenn giving Eugene his riot gear was going to be some sort of foreshadowing – perhaps he nearly dies because of the lack of it? Alas, in this episode there was no such luck – maybe next week?

eugene-walking-dead-hpThe seperating at the tunnel momentarily dashed my hopes of finding out more about the virus, but I figured they would hardly have built these guys up just to ditch them that easily. Eugene making them go back to save them was a nice surprise, and these words he said really struck a chord with me:

After I save the world – I still have to live with myself.

In the tunnel, Tara gets stuck, and thus we have the classic – go on without me moment, which Glenn refuses to do as walkers set upon them. All hope is seemingly lost when a car comes down and shoots all the walkers. It’s Abraham and his group, with none other than Maggie!
Maggie and Glen are finally reunited, and Glenn introduces her to Tara, making up a story of how they met, so Maggie doesn’t find out her role in her fathers death. Burning picture
Maggie insists that Glenn burn the picture of her, saying that he won’t ever need it again. I hope that this is not foreshadowing.

Eugene again shows his compassion by saying they should go to Terminus first, before going ahead to Washington, with the very logical argument that they had lost 8 people when they had an armoured vehicle, what chance did they have with a normal car? They may as well see what’s at Terminus.

15 Daryl and the dickheadNow, on to Joe and his merry men that Daryl has found himself stuck with.
We see Daryl is doing his thing, hunting and what not, when Len decides to come in and steal his kill, laying claim to it. Daryl is having none of it, and Len begins to bait him about Beth, believing that a piece of tail has got Daryl all out of sorts. This clearly pisses him off – and if good ol’ Joe hadn’t come along, Len would have learnt the error of his ways.

15 leader guyNow it seems that Joe seems to believe they have this code, honour among thieves, if you will. ‘Claiming’ something, ultimately means it is yours. Regardless of whether it may be in someone else’s hands already… (silly rule if you ask me). If you steal, you keel, being another of his rules.
Joe seems to take a liking to Daryl, probably realises he is worth his salt, and when talking to Daryl, keeps saying, “When men like us…” to which Daryl responds that there is no “us”. Joe asks if he’s leaving, and Daryl doesn’t respond, therefore there seems like there is an “us” according to Joe.
Now the next life lesson he attempts to impart on Daryl I think is a bit of forshadowing:

There ‘aint nothing sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat.

Firstly, I think it is perhaps not the most coherent of metaphors. Now, if he was talking about an indoor cat that thinks he’s an outdoor cat, it would make more sense as a metaphor – someone who thinks they can survive the big bad world, but is truly too soft. Then it would not apply to any of the group though.
Now, in this instance, I think he is referring to Len. Len, who is attempting to be part of the group, an indoor cat, yet is truly an outdoor cat that is vicious.
Thus, foreshadowing when Len tries to set Daryl up, so that he gets punished, resulting in him getting found out and killed. Daryl has a moment of confusion where he almost covers Len’s body, then ultimately just leaves it. I really thought he would have taken the arrow out of his head, what a waste!

15 Rick hiding
The biggest revelation from this group comes right at the end, when Joe informs Daryl that they are tracking a man who suffocated one of their own, leaving him to turn, when they were in a house… a story that sounds familiar… Remember when Rick was in this position?

15 wrapperYou’ve got it.
They’re tracking Rick.
It is then that Daryl lays claim to something one of the others spotted first – symbolising that he is allying himself with them. We then see this familiar chocolate wrapper – showing they are hot on Rick’s heels. I guess littering isn’t an issue in the walker infested world!
The culmination of that plot should be interesting.

TerminusNow. For Terminus.
Glenn, Maggie and the rest have finally arrived! They let themselves in, we see lots of flowers, and everything seems hunky dory with nice non-diegetic music playing over the top. First thing that springs to mind for me is, where are all the people? There seems to be a little comunity, with garden plots and a washing station.

Mary firepit
Yet there is only one woman, who greets them warmly. She introduces herself as Mary. Now, here may be a spoiler for the finale, so look away now if you don’t want to read, though it is only speculation.
In the graphic novels, there is a cannibalistic group, and this seems to be where the show is heading. See that overly large Barbeque Mary is tending to? Perfect size for a body, don’t you think?
Perhaps her words have a double meaning:

Let’s get you settled and we’ll make you a plate.

She’ll make them something to be put on a plate…

Here’s the trailer for the finale:

Definitely leads you to believe that everything is not quite what it seems….

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